Public speaking for introverts

Introverts can become confident presenters

For most people, the words ‘introvert’ and ‘public speaking’ don’t sit cosily together. Perhaps they conjure up a picture of a mumbling presenter looking as though they want the ground to swallow them up. Do you think it’s a fair assumption that all introverts hate public speaking? No. And is it a fair assumption that introverts don’t make good presenters? Absolutely not. Introverts can become confident presenters.

I believe that everyone can learn great public speaking and presentation skills.

And I’m not talking about teaching introverts to present like extroverts. As long as you speak slowly and clearly and study some of the basic principles of storytelling, introverts will be just fine. It’s not a prerequisite for a presenter to be oozing confidence and telling jokes – in fact, sometimes it’s a negative.


Susan Cain is the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. In her 2012 TED talk, she notes that introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world. Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Gandhi are just some of the introverts who took to the spotlight to make themselves heard. After all, there is zero correlation between being the best speaker and having the best ideas.



In my experience as a public speaking and presentation skills trainer, here are some of the things that introverts tend to do brilliantly:


Seek help. Introverts tend to think they need help, so are therefore not afraid to seek out presentation skills training from trainers like me.


Prepare. Introverts will usually put serious thought into their presentation and prepare thoroughly. As a result, their message will be clear and strike a chord with the audience.


Focus. Introverts won’t speak for the sake of it and don’t relish basking in the limelight, so they don’t tend to go off topic or waffle on. This makes for a much clearer and better focused presentation.


Show empathy. It’s common for introverts to have excellent empathy skills, so they are good at giving the audience information they actually want to hear.


Flourish. Introverts aren’t naturally great at raising their profiles at work, so mastering public speaking is a brilliant way to get noticed – and promoted. And they do.


The biggest challenge that introverts face is to feel confident enough to deliver their presentation well. Once I have worked with introverts to banish their nerves and get rid of their monkeys, they really do excel themselves and go from strength to strength. Once the mindset is taken care of, the skill-set is the easy part.


You are welcome to read my blog post about whether introverts or extraverts have the best presentation skills.


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Posted by Dee Clayton on 15 Mar 2017

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