“Phone Dee Friday” for Presentation skills training, no-obligation advice

“Phone Dee Friday” for Presentation skills training, no-obligation advice

I’ve noticed in the last few days before Christmas an increase in people contacting me for presentation skills training and that is something to be encouraged (of course!) which is why I’m running the first ever “Phone Dee Friday”!
I believe the increase in enquiries so near to Christmas is down to a few key areas:

Physically finding the time –business professionals are so busy at work, even if they mean to Google “Glossophobia” or search for “the best presentation skills training in Bournemouth or Hertfordshire” it all takes time. As the holidays approach many people either take time off work or if they are still working, things calm down a little. So now is the perfect time to discover more about your presentation skills training needs.

New Year’s Resolutions – this is the time of year when many people really begin to think about their personal goals. They may have been working on work plans for next year, but personal goals often come last on the list, if at all! So thinking ahead to next year what do you want?

  • More of the same?
  • A new role or promotion?
  • To take on a new challenge?
  • To search for a new job?
  • A more confident, professional team
  • Start a new career if only you could find the confidence?
  • Something else?

If you think you need to improve your presentation skills to achieve your goals, phone me Friday.

If you can hardly even begin to THINK about starting them, phone me Friday.

If you want to achieve something more, but the fear is holding you back, phone me Friday.

Phone Dee Friday

  • Don’t phone the office number as I won’t be there – do call me on 07985 928648
  • Call me if you need my help or if it’s about someone you care about
  • Ask me questions, ask me advice, or just call with no questions in mind and I’ll ask you a few!
  • If someone else is on the line, leave a message and I promise to call you back
  • Don’t worry if you can’t make it that day – just text me to arrange a convenient appointment!

Look forward to speaking with you!

Dee Clayton

Posted by Dee Clayton on 24 Dec 2013

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