Peace Hospice – Charity Training Day

Peace Hospice – Charity Training Day

Recently, at a talk I did for the Watford Chamber of Commerce, I heard of the great work that the Peace Hospice, based in Watford does.

The Hospice cares for people across South Hertfordshire, with a life limiting illness and also provides support to their families.

So I offered to help train their teams, by running an in house training course in how to make a presentation for a wide variety of departments and responsibilities in the hospice, including fund raisers and educators. The Hospice needs to raise £4 million in charitable income this year in order to run and develop its services, a hard task in these difficult times, so I wanted to help them have the presentation skills they need in order that they can go out and raise these vital funds.

Last Friday, we had 18 people on the course, and I am delighted to say the course attendees learnt everything from what are the public speaking monkeys through to how to make a presentation and some really useful presentation tips they can apply.  In particular, they learnt the 4MAT and we practiced some simple yet powerful endings to presentations – something often overlooked in a presentation.

Tip: Practice your beginning and end to make the presentation really strong.  It’s often the start and end that we remember most about a presentation as re-iterated by this Hubspot Blog about the 7 Lessons from the Worlds Most Captivating Speakers.

Rachel Fowler from the Peace Hospice gave me a lovely certificate and a monkey to take home, thanking me for helping them get their message across even more effectively.

Unfortunately, I can’t get to every charity (YET) but if you know one that might need some help on how to do a presentation, then get in touch and let me know about them – they may qualify for a “Dee charity presentation skills workshop”.

Dee Clayton

Posted by Dee Clayton on 29 Oct 2013

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