Posted by Dee Clayton on 13 Nov 2015

Improve presentation skills for a promotion

Read time: 3 minutes Improve Presentation Skills for a Promotion Boost your promotion chances by avoiding these Career-Limiting Presentations. Key Points: Mild mess-ups (e.g., ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 15 Oct 2015

Have you experienced the ‘downward spiral’ while presenting?

Read time: 3 minutes Worry before the presentation can lead to poor preparation and increased nerves. Nervousness can make you rush, forget to breathe, ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 11 Sep 2015

Glossophobia – reducing speech anxiety

Read time: 3 minutes Overcome Glossophobia for Confident Presenting Conquer the mind-set: Calm your “Public Speaking Monkeys” with NLP techniques. Develop skill-set: Master advanced ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 18 Aug 2015

FREE presentation skills training for charities

Read time: 2 minutes You can access free presentation skills training for your passionate charity or non-profit group. Maria offers her training services to ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 14 Aug 2015

Do introverts or extraverts have the best presentation skills?

Read time: 3 minutes Whether you’re an introvert or an extravert, you can develop exceptional presentation skills. Extraverts: May appear confident but often lack ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 13 Jul 2015

Why the word ‘nervous’ should be banned

Read time: 2 minutes Why the Word ‘Nervous’ Should Be Banned Nerves have negative connotations, while adrenaline is beneficial. Banning the term ‘nervous’ helps ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 8 May 2015

Mentoring helps to improve your public speaking confidence

Read time: 2 minutes Mentoring provides a safe and supportive space to develop your public speaking skills. You can learn from the experiences of ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 14 Apr 2015

Who is public speaking mentoring for?

Read time: 3 minutes Who is public speaking mentoring for? Public speaking mentoring is suitable for: Those new to public speaking who need to ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 8 Apr 2015

A day of public speaking in Bournemouth

Read time: 3 minutes Summary: A Day of Public Speaking in Bournemouth Bournemouth University hosted a TEDx event with 11 speakers, 3 TED videos, ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 11 Mar 2015

Don’t let technology ruin your presentation

Read time: 2 minutes Technology can be a presenter’s best friend or worst enemy. Here are four key points to help you ensure it ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 26 Feb 2015

From Premier League football to premier presentations

Read time: 2 minutes Public speaking skills are essential in business and other areas of life. Be prepared to learn from unexpected places. Top ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 9 Feb 2015

Avoid ‘doing a Basil’

Read time: 2 minutes Avoid ‘doing a Basil’ in your presentations: Steer clear of sensitive topics like politics, religion, and personal attributes. Uncover potential ...

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