Posted by Dee Clayton on 12 Sep 2017

How to sleep the night before a presentation. You need your zzzzzz’s! 

Read time: 4 minutes 4 Key Points to Sleep Well Before a Presentation: Manage Your Mindset: Silence the “Public Speaking Monkeys” of self-doubt. Control ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 11 Sep 2017

How to stop headaches before a presentation

Read time: 3 minutes If you suffer from public speaking headaches, it’s important to address the cause, not just the symptoms. The cause is ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 1 Sep 2017

Beta Blockers – public speaking: Why medication isn’t the best way forward

Read time: 3 minutes Beta Blockers for Public Speaking: Avoid Medication Beta-blockers only address physical symptoms of anxiety, leaving mental and emotional effects unaddressed. ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 12 Jul 2017

Preparing to address the board

Read time: 3 minutes Preparing to Address the Board Before preparing, silence your inner critic by addressing public speaking anxieties. Then, follow these key ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 21 Jun 2017

7 steps you can take to reduce your speech anxiety?

Most people feel some level of nervousness and suffer from speech anxiety symptoms when asked to do a presentation (Glossophobia). A small amount of ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 20 Jun 2017

How to present to the board

Read time: 3 minutes Presenting to the Board: Essential Tips Conquer nervousness with NLP techniques to unleash your natural communication abilities. Focus on strategy ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 14 Jun 2017

How not to feel sick before giving a presentation

Read time: 5 minutes How Not to Feel Sick Before Giving a Presentation Feeling sick before presentations? Don’t despair, there’s a solution: Uncover your ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 13 Jun 2017

17 top public speaking anxiety symptoms

Read time: 5 minutes 17 Top Public Speaking Anxiety Symptoms Nausea Dry mouth Sleep loss Headaches These symptoms are caused by “Public Speaking Monkeys,” ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 15 May 2017

How to succeed at job interview presentations

Read time: 3 minutes Secure success in job interview presentations with these key tips: Exude confidence and establish a positive rapport through effective body ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 12 May 2017

How to use visual aids in your presentation

Read time: 3 minutes Simplicity is key: Keep your visuals simple and uncluttered, focusing on one concept per visual. Visualise concepts: Use diagrams, charts, ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 12 Apr 2017

How to introduce yourself & your company in a presentation

Read time: 4 minutes When presenting, a brief self and company introduction is key to engagement. Here are 4 suggestions: Be concise: Keep your ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 15 Mar 2017

Public speaking for introverts

Read time: 4 minutes Public Speaking for Introverts Introverts can become confident presenters by seeking help, preparing thoroughly, focusing, and showing empathy. Introverts often ...

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