Posted by Dee Clayton on 1 Apr 2018

Bananas found to cure public speaking fear

After years of study, multi-award winning Bournemouth based entrepreneur Dee Clayton has found the cure for Glossophobia or speech anxiety. No one has to ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 15 Mar 2018

How to present to multi-cultural audiences

Recently we ran an event for the 40 members of the global sales team of a multi-national, working with them to ‘Tame their Public ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 12 Mar 2018

My first visit to Virgin Start Up in Bournemouth

Last week I enjoyed attending my first Virgin Start Up at THIS Workspace in Bournemouth (a very cool work area in the Echo Building). ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 9 Mar 2018

Importance of authenticity, transparency and sharing meaningful messages

I wanted to share with you a case study clip from a talk I went to recently with two Bournemouth based entrepreneurs Jimmy Cregan ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 29 Jan 2018

Using microphones in conference presentations

Claire Hartnell from CJ Garden Services based in Chandlers Ford is also a BNI Hampshire Area Director Consultant and emailed us last week. She’s ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 26 Jan 2018

The benefits of using a microphone for public speaking

I was working with a one to one client recently in Bournemouth who had been feeling nervous about a public speaking event and had ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 11 Jan 2018

New Year goal-setting

There’s no better time than the New Year to focus on goal-setting – to look at what you’ve achieved over the past year, and ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 13 Dec 2017

Gold and silver award-winners!

An award-winning end to 2017 with a gold international award and a silver national award. Marion Hewitt was awarded the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 7 Dec 2017

Presentation preparation preferences by personality style

How you prepare for a presentation, meeting or a project is strongly linked to your colour energy preference. Insights Discovery profiling uses a simple ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 29 Nov 2017

Confident Presentations: How to improve your speaking confidence

Have you ever noticed that when some people get up to present, everyone in the room becomes quiet as they tune in to the ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 8 Nov 2017

How to break the ice during presentations and meetings

When people find out that I’m a presentation skills trainer and public speaking coach, they often ask how they can break the ice in ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 7 Nov 2017

Why do I stutter when I am nervous?

If you suffer from situational stuttering, this is an outcome of anxiety and is different to people that stutter related to a medical condition. ...

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