Posted by Dee Clayton on 4 Dec 2018

How to give a presentation at a virtual meeting

As technology improves and travel budgets decrease, virtual meetings have become almost the norm, especially for younger generations who use this type of technology ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 14 Nov 2018

Keep Coaching Simple

Coaching is simple, it’s helping people find the answers for themselves, rather than telling them what to do. Coaching is proven to improve employee ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 31 Oct 2018

The importance of good posture in public speaking

Good body language when giving a presentation plays a huge part in so many ways – here are my top three: It helps you ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 31 Oct 2018

UK Business Awards 2018 Triple Finalist

Simply Amazing Training of Dorset and Hertfordshire has been named as a business award finalist in three categories at two UK Business Awards 2018. ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 10 Oct 2018

What’s Your Presenter Personality Style?

In order to give High-Performance Presentations every time, you need to base it on your personality. There are four Presenter Personality Styles which are ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 21 Sep 2018

Body Language – Presentation Skills

Rightly or wrongly, human nature drives us to follow (and trust) high-impact or “high-status” individuals, so if you want to influence and persuade, having ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 10 Sep 2018

Stop your voice and hands shaking during public speaking

We recently worked with a high-powered businesswoman. She was confident, articulate, intelligent and very well respected within her organisation. She had to present to ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 13 Jul 2018

Simply Amazing Training Score a Hat Trick at SME National Business Awards 2018

Simply Amazing Training, specialist executive presentations skills coaching and management training of Bournemouth and St Albans, have been named as an award finalist in ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 21 Jun 2018

SME triple finalist!

Yay! I’m delighted to say that we’ve been selected as Triple National Finalists in the SME 2018 business awards. Simply Amazing Training is a ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 14 Jun 2018

The power of pausing in presentations

Think about the speakers you admire, and you’ll notice that they share a common trait: they have all mastered how to use effective pauses. ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 6 Jun 2018

What stresses you out at work (and what you can do about it)

As a leader, you might believe you should be calm and in control at all times. But the truth is, as well as being ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 6 Apr 2018

Interview Presentations

The presentation is your chance to shine. You are away from the constraints of just answering questions. “What’s your X-Factor?” Treat it as your ...

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