Who needs a Presentation Skills Coach or Communication Mentor?

More and more individuals are recognising that a mentor isn’t a ‘nice to have’ learning initiative, it’s something that has the potential to make a significant contribution to their work and personal life.

A mentor or trainer is perfect for various situations, including:

Board Directors: Mentoring allows senior executives to take stock, discuss any issues, ideas or challenges with someone with no ulterior motive!

Senior Management: Presentations skills coaching can provide consistent, non-judgemental support and encouragement to help managers rise to new challenges and improve their overall effectiveness. Have a look at a case study of one of our clients who recently went through this process.

High Flying Executives: For managers that are on track and being groomed for leadership positions, training can provide encouragement to overcome obstacles, think more strategically and develop long term goals.

Middle Management: The people more important than any other aspect of the business for keeping staff engaged and motivated. Mentoring can help them recognise their areas of weakness

Newly Promoted Staff: The people who are expected to run things smoothly despite having little or no experience. Coaching can provide a valuable safety net and sounding boarding to help them work with new responsibilities whilst at the same time building their confidence and hitting targets

Long Serving Executives: Coaching can unlock latent potential, re-energise and re-focus, whilst helping them recognise and reconsider their often natural resistance to change

Uneven Leadership kills: When an executive’s weakness is causing low morale or internal conflict, coaching may be the best way to help that person recognise their weak spots and figure out how to turn them around

Specific Performance Problems: For the leaders of divisions that are behind in planning or unlikely to meet business targets, coaching can highlight new outlooks and different prioritise, whilst helping those involved give themselves a reality check and regain focus

If you would like presentation skills mentoring with Dee or would like to talk to her about other types of mentoring she does, contact her here for more information.

In the meantime, happy presenting!

Dee Clayton

Posted by Dee Clayton on 11 Oct 2012

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