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Executive Summary

We’re thrilled to announce that Simply Amazing Training is a finalist in nine awards this year! This is great news, not just for us, but for our clients too, who will benefit from our award-winning services.

Here are the top 3 reasons why:

  • Credibility and confidence in our business
  • Quality and effectiveness of our services and programmes
  • Continual improvement of our offering

If you’d like to know more, check out our Trophy Cabinet.


Simply Amazing Training is delighted to have been selected as a finalist in no less than nine (9) awards in 2022 so far.

Having come from a background where awards were often about self-gratification, it’s important to us that our clients benefit from award success as well as us. We believe that our award achievements mean that clients and future clients experience at least 5 benefits:

Credibility and confidence in our business

Quality and effectiveness of our services and programmes

Understanding of why we are different and how that helps

Continual improvement of our offering

Working high-quality trainers

If you’d like to see more about this or any of our 31 award achievements then check out our Trophy Cabinet.

Dee Clayton, SAT’s founder and managing director, is a finalist in six (6) awards in the Best Business Women Awards, National Business Women’s Awards, SME National Awards, and UK Business Awards.

The respective nominations are for the following categories:

  • Best Businesswoman in Business Services
  • Business Woman of the Year – Micro
  • Business Owner/s of the Year
  • Southern England Business Woman of the Year
  • Business Person of the Year
  • Entrepreneur of the Year

And we are a Finalist in three (3) awards in the UK Business Awards and SME National Awards.

  • Disruptive, Innovative Business Model
  • Business Innovation
  • Business of the Year (Small>Med)

The past two years have tested all business owners to the limit. Different techniques and strategies were developed to cope with the changes brought by the pandemic. Despite the many challenges, the nine (9) nominations recognise how Dee Clayton and the team at Simply Amazing Training have quickly tested out new approaches and have dynamically adapted to continue to offer a high standard of service to their executive clients.

We are all understandably delighted by our place in the finals. According to Dee, “It is great to have all our hard work and success recognised in this way. Many people, including business owners, have faced challenging times over the last few years, and we are so grateful that we were able to adapt our business model to not only survive, but thrive in the new environment we’ve all found ourselves in.”

“We very quickly mastered how people learnt online and re-designed all our courses and programmes accordingly. Unlike some competitors, we didn’t just deliver the old face-to-face programmes online; we learnt how to engage and interact with our learners so the new digital courses and programmes really delivered results. Thank you to all our understanding and supportive clients, licensees and associate trainers and supporters for working alongside us in these difficult times.”

The awarding ceremonies will be held at Hilton Wembley on 30th September 2022 for BBWA and 18th November 2022 for NBWA while SME National Awards will take place on 2nd December 2022 at Wembley Stadium.

Author: Dee Clayton

Dee Clayton - Simply Amazing TrainingDee Clayton, an acclaimed coach and winner of the prestigious Overall National UK NBW Award in 2022, has over 30 years of experience in communication. With over half of her career as an author, mentor, and trainer. Dee offers a distinctive blend of skills and insights. Her mission is clear: to empower high-performing individuals to excel further, while guiding their teams to unprecedented success. Connect with Dee via LinkedIn.

Posted by Dee Clayton on 11 Aug 2022

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