Hertfordshire Press – Business Awards – & “Exorcist”!

Hertfordshire Press – Business Awards – & “Exorcist”!

I’m delighted the Hertfordshire press shared the news of Simply Amazing Training’s multi award win last year – and that’s part of the reason I’ll be encouraging other Hertfordshire businesses to be entering themselves for awards this year at the FSB networking event in Stevenage.

This is what the St Albans Review had to say – they even got a photographer in to take a fun photos of me (and monkey) with my awards! Take a look! It may look glamorous but what you can’t see is me kneeling on the floor in the reception area of Sopwell House St Albans where I often have my initial meetings with clients!

The Gazette’s “Hemel Today” had a really light-hearted and fun approach I thought   – which appeals to my sense of humour . Though my mum didn’t like it as much! I think the bit about “exorcist” she wasn’t so keen on!

The Herts Advertiser did a few smaller pieces one when I became a finalist, and one shown in the image to the right – after I’d won. So thanks all for your support of a local Hertfordshire training business.

I’m going to enter the FSB awards this year too so hope to be able to share some more local awards coverage with you soon! Why not enter your own business? Join me and other award winners at the “Meet The Judges” networking evening 28th March 6pm.

Dee Clayton

Posted by Dee Clayton on 13 Mar 2012

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