Double Award Winning at the Federation of Small Businesses in Hertfordshire!

Double Award Winning at the Federation of Small Businesses in Hertfordshire!

We’re very excited here in St Albans as we were recently voted winners at the Hertfordshire Federation of Small Business Awards. You may remember we mentioned it a few weeks back, but we can now officially announce we won St Albans Small Business of the Year and Business Innovation! We were also finalists in the award for Entrepreneur of the Year too. We are thrilled. It was a fantastic evening at the awards ceremony and Dee was delighted to be in the room with such talented people.

Dee has designed and developed her own proven multi-award winning techniques to transform the nervous, hesitant, or just plain boring presenter into a confident speaker, who understands how to truly engage an audience and share their key messages for lasting impact. With her unique blend of marketing, NLP and her Public Speaking Monkeys approach, Dee can help you identify and understand any fears and quickly learn best practice tips and tricks to help you achieve success in public speaking!

With the newly published book ‘Taming your Public Speaking Monkeys – Building Confidence for Public Speaking and Presentations’ out this year, it is far more accessible for everyone to lose their fear and become more confident.

For more information on Dee’s book – see the Amazon link – it’s available in both paperback and Kindle.

Dee Clayton

Posted by Dee Clayton on 8 Aug 2012

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