Dorset’s Cereal Entrepreneur – business, presentation skills & retailer presentations tips

Dorset’s Cereal Entrepreneur – business, presentation skills & retailer presentations tips

Why leaders must know how to make a presentation effective & how pay rises come to those present well. In this interview I was delighted to speak to Nigel Horsman who is best known for his role in the Dorset Cereals success story…

As part of the Presentation Skills Interview Series, Dee Clayton speaks to successful business people to learn their secrets to success and the role business presentations play. (If you want to know why Dee is so passionate about these interviews and being The Ambassador for Public Speaking follow the link).

Part of Nigel’s role at Dorset Cereals included presenting to boards, factory staff and being part of a team who were presenting and pitching to retailers. He shares some wonderful tips and insights in this video interview. Including his views on how effective presentations are a MUST if you want to be a leader (and thus when you learn how to make presentations well it has a positive impact on your pay too!)

All his points are easily transferable for any business presentation, so I highly recommend you watch all the way through.

How to do presentations and understanding your audience full video click the picture below…

If you want to hear his advice on How to make a presentation which sells…even to retail buyers! Click here for the 7 min video clip.

At Simply Amazing Training we specialise in offering professional training for individuals and teams. If you are customer facing and want to impress clients, or you’re a management executive looking to develop your strengths and fast-track your success take a look at our Executive Presentation Skills Accelerator or call us today for more information.

Dee Clayton

Posted by Dee Clayton on 17 Jun 2013

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