Posted by Dee Clayton on 2 Apr 2013

Presentation Skills Fear #4 – Do you or someone in your team worry about having really boring presentations?

Using examples and metaphors whilst delivering your presentation clearly with the correct tone and voice variance is an excellent way to bring passion and ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 22 Mar 2013

How to structure your presentation

As a good presenter you might think you don’t need to spend time on your structure because you can deliver “off the cuff” presentations ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 11 Mar 2013

Help my mind goes blank when i talk? Presentation Skills Fear #2

We want you to know you aren’t alone if you have a fear of forgetting what to say … some similar fears we’ve included ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 4 Mar 2013

Presentation Skills Fear #1 – Always worrying “You’re Wrong”

“Don’t try to be perfect – just be you”. Underneath this “You’re wrong” fear (or Public Speaking Monkey as I call them) there’s sometimes ...

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