Posted by Dee Clayton on 24 Feb 2021

The #1 Worry Hosting on Zoom or Presenting on Teams? “What if the audience isn’t engaged?”

Simple tips for increasing engagement Advanced techniques for increasing engagement Often our clients #1 worry when it comes to virtual hosting or speaking is ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 16 Jun 2020

How to stop saying ‘um’ and ‘erm’ when presenting?

Happily, we’ve been busy with virtual clients lately, not only just across the UK but across the globe (we’ve been speaking to clients from ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 4 Feb 2020

How to improve your speaking voice & volume with the help of apps

When you speak too softly in a presentation the audience will strain to hear you and often ask you to repeat yourself. This can ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 29 Jan 2020

How to save time when preparing a presentation: Preparation Tips

The preparation should be done in advance and it can be done quickly! So instead of dragging out your PowerPoint and writing slides an ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 14 Jan 2020

Presentation Skills: Don’t forget to breathe!

Quick links – skip to what you’re interested in: Learning how to breathe through your diaphragm is a sensible starting point Need to feel ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 9 Jan 2020

How to stop a pounding heart when presenting

Mindset Body Language Breathing and Voice Does this sound like you? You know your job well, you can communicate clearly in many situations, you ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 13 Sep 2019

How To Choose a Good Public Speaking Course

Gaining investment for any training and development programme is rarely easy, but it is critical to the success of most businesses to support your ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 16 Aug 2019

Public speaking coaching to help you win pitches

Do you frequently pitch for business and want to increase your conversion rates? Or perhaps you’ve never pitched before and your first big presentation ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 6 Aug 2019

The top three skills missing in presentations

Our public speaking coaches in London work with clients to help them improve their presentation & public speaking skills. People come to us because ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 5 Aug 2019

Why audience engagement is so important – especially in conference presentations

Audience engagement is important – right? And perhaps even more so at conferences and all-day events. Often, when attending these events, I notice that ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 25 Jul 2019

Using humour in professional presentations

Should you use humour in a business presentation? Humour really helps when it comes to being a public speaking coach and presentation skills coach, ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 15 Jul 2019

How to master the skill of storytelling

Storytelling is practised in every country and every culture, so to say it’s important is a bit of an understatement. It is everything. Stories ...

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