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Our approach

Our accredited CPD courses deliver practical skills for the real world.

We work with companies and individuals, locally in St Albans, Bournemouth, throughout the UK and globally, at all skill levels.

These include the following sectors: Automotive, Banking, Construction, Medical, Internet, Advertising, Start-ups, Legal, Housing, Councils & more.

Please read ‘our clients‘ page for case studies and client testimonials.

What makes our training different?

Most training courses focus largely on skill sets, they teach “things”. But unless all the participants’ mind-sets are open they won’t implement what they know. That’s why I focus on mind-set first then teach the skills. The result is that more participants action more of the training, meaning you get the maximum value from your investment. Participants won’t be learning how to ACT calm & confident – they really will be.

Great training needs to be memorable and actionable.

My specialisation in presentation skills training has allowed me to become an expert in spoken communications. I’ve combined NLP (see below) with my business experience to develop a unique & proven programme and book of the same name “Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys – Building Confidence for Public Speaking and Presentations. I am currently writing my second book “How To Avoid Career Limiting Presentations – Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?”

Multi award winning Public Speaking Monkeys®

The mind chatter or fear monkeys are the voices of self-doubt which cause so much anxiety to those speaking in public. My unique Monkeys technique gets to the unconscious in an approachable manner by helping people articulate their innermost fears of public speaking through another ‘voice’. An award winning, unique innovation developed by Simply Amazing Training, the Monkeys approach is fun, memorable and proven to work.

Communication and Personality Styles – The Insights Discovery framework

We use Insights Discovery personality and communications profiling, a framework for adapting and connecting with internal and external teams and customers based on understanding self and others personality styles. What can Insights Discovery communication styles be used for?

– Personal development (through understanding your unique personality)

– Improved team dynamics, increased levels of cooperation

– Improved personal and professional relationships

– Personal impact and relationship building

– Personal presentation styles and audience dynamics

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro is about what we think; Linguistic is about what we say (verbally & non-verbally); and Programming is about what we do. So put simply, NLP is the study of what we think, say & do. Neuro Linguistic Programming is often summarised as ‘the study of success’ and brings together the psychology of best practice. It can be applied across a wide spectrum of communications with customers, clients, colleagues or stakeholders. It can also inform all sorts of communications improvements such as internal communications, telephone techniques and service offerings. If you face a challenge, small or large, it is very likely NLP can help.

Accredited CPD courses

Our “NLP for professionals” programme and two of our in-house presentation skills training courses are accredited for CPD points through the CPD Standards Office. This demonstrates the high standards of our programmes and anyone who completes the accredited programmes will be issued with a Certificate Of Attendance, which they can subsequently use with their formal record for a professional body, institute or employer.

Motivational Maps

If you feel your teams are not fully engaged or you’ve been thinking about how to improve motivation (whether that’s the less motivated team members or just giving your high performers a boost) then Motivational Maps are a powerful and enlightening tool. You can see how to maximise your employee or team performance (and yours too) in a way that’s totally measurable and repeatable.  Along with training and coaching from Dee Clayton who is an Accredited Motivational Maps Trainer, participants learn:

– What one thing they probably aren’t doing which makes improving motivation so much easier!
– What the true cost of low motivation is and what to do instead
– What nine motivators managers MUST understand before they can improve performance

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