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Why choose Simply Amazing Training?

We are a multi-award winning company because we are easy to work with and offer engaging and interactive training solutions that work in the real world.

Dee Clayton leads the majority of training and is a highly experienced NLP Trainer, she uses ‘Business NLP’ techniques which are so powerful and far-reaching that they underpin many of our courses. Dee has over 20 years of business communication experience on brands such as Jacob’s Creek and Jammie Dodgers and now trains individuals and teams internationally.

In our Presentation Skills programmes we uniquely use and teach the multi-award winning “Public Speaking Monkeys” concept to represent the voices of self-doubt which cause so much anxiety to speakers. Monkeys get to the subconscious in an entertaining way and help people articulate their innermost fears of public speaking by representing them through another ‘voice’.


How much do courses cost?

Investing in our courses is money well spent. Prices vary according to location, course size and format, but we are good value. You’ll find cheaper, but you won’t find better value for money. As a safe-guard for you, we also offer a satisfaction guarantee.


What’s the booking process?

Call or email and we’ll take it from there. Our first priority is always to understand a client’s needs before offering a solution.


How soon could you run a course?

We could run a course tomorrow. But we wouldn’t.

To get the maximum out of our courses, organisers need to share their objectives and goals normally in a face to face meeting. Delegates may also benefit from speaking to us to give us some simple inputs in advance, usually via telephone briefing. This makes courses as effective and as personal as possible.

How many delegates are on the average course?

For Team Presentation Skills and Presentation Skills Mastery programmes we limit numbers to six delegates per trainer in order to maximise the practical exercises and give everyone plenty of presentation practice.

For management communication training courses, the number varies according to individual client requirements. More trainers can be used for larger groups.

Keynote talks and conference trainings have no maximum limit! The more the merrier!


Who will actually deliver the training?

Dee Clayton, Founder and Director, is involved with every client and delivers the majority of courses personally. Where appropriate, we select from our highly-qualified team of trainers like Marion Hewitt to bring in additional expertise.


Where are courses held?

Often at locations in Hertfordshire, Dorset or London (external venues or client premises), but we can provide courses anywhere in the UK – nationally plus internationally.


How does your satisfaction guarantee work?

In the highly unlikely event that a client is not totally satisfied with the training and after-course services supplied, we will take all necessary steps to rectify matters or reimburse fees under our quibble-free money back guarantee.


Do you offer other bespoke training courses?

Yes, if we are the right people to help we will. If not we can probably recommend you to someone else who can help – so get in touch anyway! My colleagues and I do have other areas of specialisation for example I worked with Toyota Motor Europe developing a bespoke, 5 day long “Train The Trainer” Marketing course for all their trainers across Europe. Using NLP as the underpinning for the training was critical to its success.

Kerry O’Neill – Parts and Service Training Manager, Toyota Motor Europe

“Dee was responsible for the development and delivery of our marketing training programme aimed at our aftersales retail managers across Europe. She delivered this training in a number of sessions to our trainers from over 15 of our national offices…Dee felt like a part of our team from the first meeting by demonstrating an understanding of and empathy with our company culture and the business case for this training program. She has built a strong rapport with training delegates who had varying skill levels and business needs and were from a wide range of cultures. Dee’s marketing skills and experience are advanced and she has the ability to communicate an understanding of these skills to others. I highly recommend Dee.”


Can Dee Clayton speak at our conference?

Yes, Dee gives ‘colourful’ keynote talks on presentation skills, management communications and  personality styles using Insights Discovery. Talks are designed to be interactive and leave delegates feeling inspired. If you want to give your team the tools they need to maximise success, or require a change of pace for your conference or team meeting, then please get in touch.


What is NLP?

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What NLP experience is there at Simply Amazing Training ?

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Is NLP all hippie-speak?

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What is Insights Discovery?

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What is Personality and Communications Profiling?

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