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Simply Amazing Training.CPD accredited course

We think that our company name reflects what we deliver for our clients, day in, day out. Our training is fast, effective and fun. We state our accountabilities to clients up front and we stick to them. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. We like to be satisfied.

Key to our philosophy is delivering courses which are tailored to clients’ specific needs. In the same way that no two companies are identical, we believe that no two companies’ training needs are identical so we tailor our courses to suit you.

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AVA Raising the Bar

I’m Dee Clayton the lead trainer and I have a small team of people who help me run things behind the scenes. We specialise in Presentation Skills and other communications training often involving ‘Business NLP‘. Client results show that combining NLP with other business skills is a powerful combination, delivering long-term and effective change.

Using our multi-award winning tried and tested techniques, Simply Amazing Training designs and delivers courses which get results. With 22 years’ marketing and communications experience working with household names, our approach is grounded in real-world usability which, in turn, generates success. We’re a small, but perfectly-formed organisation and we give 100% because we know that delegate satisfaction is the ultimate test.

We are easy to work with. From an initial enquiry to a post-course follow-up, we offer the same high level of professional service. So confident are we in our ability to exceed expectations that we offer a guarantee of satisfaction. We have won multiple awards that demonstrate our passion, innovative approach and results that we help our clients achieve.

Our clients speak highly of us. Please click here to see for yourself what they have to say. From Hertfordshire to India and from Bournemouth to Brussels, our network of satisfied customers and levels of repeat business speak volumes about us.

SIMPLY AMAZING TRAINING LTD focuses corporate in-house communication training for core teams & key personnel. HR Directors often contact us to organise a tailored in house presentation skills training course for their customers services, sales or marketing teams. With one client, Alamy, we worked together to develop a bespoke sales presentation for their new product launch, which I trained to the UK sales team and then US sales team in New York. The following summer, they asked me to train new US based individuals, but the travel costs were not justifiable for two delegates. I trained the same material as before but tailored it to be able to deliver virtually via webinars and video conferencing.

One time a PA had seen my details in the paper and kept it for months in order to encourage her MD to meet me. We did one to one presentation skills coaching, but until then he’d not been confident enough to deliver the “all company” presentation and that blocked his promotion to CEO. The PA phoned me after the staff presentation to share how well it went.

We work with a select few associate trainers if the project is particularly large or calls for a specialist skill:


Melanie (Dom) Blyth

Melanie Blyth

Strongly believing that business success is dependent on great team working, Melanie designs and delivers programmes for CEOs and senior leaders to build and sustain greater trust, empathy and effectiveness in their key teams.

With over 20 years’ experience leading business and strategy teams in B2B companies, including 3M and Royal Dutch Shell, Melanie brings a healthy mix of strategic thinking and real-life pragmatism to the programmes she develops.

Most recently, Melanie has been employed to help teams develop more diverse and inclusive ways of working, renew their vision and set of values, and drive increased coaching mindset through skills-based workshops. Alongside extensive experience in leading local and global teams and a lifelong passion for coaching, Melanie is now studying Psychology of Group Facilitation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to further enhance the value she brings to developing teams.


 Bryce Redford

As the first certified NLP Coach Trainer in Europe and since the early ’90′s, Bryce has been leading and managing change in multi-national organisations. Along with many other qualifications, Bryce holds an M.B.A. in International Business, International Marketing, and Change Management. He worked for many years for Diageo in improvement, project management and innovation roles and prior to that worked for United Distillers.

Bryce now works with clients to enable them to enhance the effectiveness of their people and the performance of their organisation across different contexts.

He has a passion for helping people understand the important distinctions and subtle nuances in communication, enabling them to communicate more effectively.

Bryce is an expert at demonstrating how the dynamic relationship between people, processes and systems delivers business results. He enables teams to take that next step – identifying and making changes that deliver maximum leverage.

Both Bryce & I share the same believe that change should be fun, fast, easy and effective.


 Paul Burton

As an Experienced facilitator and coach and  Licensed practitioner for Insights Discovery Personal ProfilesPaul is a great addition to any project. He is an Associate of the CIPD, a life coach and member of MENSA!

Paul has worked with large corporates throughout Europe, USA and the Middle East to improve sales, increase employee engagement and help teams collaborate more effectively. Paul Burton believes “Learning should be engaging, innovative, fun and capable of being transferred from the training environment to the real world. It must deliver measurable business benefits in order to be effective.”

Paul has worked closely with many blue chip companies in the following areas, automotive, FMCG, telecoms, finance, technology, banking, publishing and manufacturing to name a few. His most recent clients include Coca Cola Enterprises, Graham Packaging, BAT, Honda and Jaguar Landrover.

His underlying vision is to provide innovative, memorable training events that stick. Which meet the needs of both the individual and the organisation as a whole, providing measurable results.

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