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1:1 Presentation Skills Course

Are you the kind of business person who suffers from nerves and anxiety when giving presentations? Do you get sweaty palms just thinking about it? And does it give you sleepless nights? Enough!

By booking our One to One Presentation Skills Course, you will make a positive investment in yourself to become a confident and compelling speaker.


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Our award-winning presentation skills course is perfect for you if:

  • you’re a successful business person and have already achieved a great deal in your career
  • you’re ambitious to progress to the next level, but think your presentation skills may be stopping you from achieving more
  • you’re a nervous speaker
  • you’re quite frankly terrified of public speaking
  • You just want to sharpen your presentation skills and communication skills.


Where do monkeys come into this?

Our presentation skills course will help you tame your public speaking monkeys – an effective way of building confidence when it comes to making presentations and speaking in public. It will help you become a calm, confident and compelling speaker able to communicate effectively - whatever the subject matter!

In this course, we will take you through our unique ‘7 Steps to Being Simply Amazing’, which are:  

  1. Catch and Connect

Identifying what the problem is.

  1. Tame

Working towards eliminating your fears or stumbling blocks.

  1. Presentation Style

Finding a style that suits your personality.

  1. Content Principles

The four pillars of structure and engaging content.

  1. Learn and Remember

Preparation techniques and simple steps to help you learn and remember.

  1. Engaging Delivery

Developing excellent delivery skills.

  1. Practice and Review

How to best utilise the practise time you have, and honest feedback on body language, voice tonality, structure, positioning, presentation structure and content.

Click here for more detailed information about the content of our Presentation Skills Course.



We hold one-to-one presentation courses in:

  • Bournemouth
  • Guildford
  • Poole
  • Reading
  • Southampton
  • and the surrounding areas

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Business Directory

  • “I demanded a crash course in Public Speaking and that’s what I got! Fantastic results in a very short period of time. Really enjoyed being coached” - Property Professional and Investor

What are the benefits?

– One-to-one coaching, means it is tailored to fit you

– Fast results: You decide how quickly you want the three sessions  – within a week you could be an impressive speaker

– Results guarantee – you tell me what you want and I’ll guarantee your results   (subject to fair play!)

– Learn with me, Marion – licenced Simply Amazing Training Practitioner, CPD coach of the year

– You won’t learn how to ACT confident – you really will feel Confident

  • "On a 1-2-1 basis I’m fine but put me in front of a crowd, arrrgh!”- Finance Director

See  what other clients have to say

“The course on ‘monkey taming’ is brilliant. For the first time, I was able to dedicate time to thinking about the things that were holding me back. Her techniques and style make the monkey taming process simple and effective; and allowed me to change my mind-set. From there I was also able to work with her on a presentation that I was to deliver at a big industry event. She helped me understand how to get the key messages out, connect with the audience better and ultimately feel more at home ‘on stage’. The monkey taming process was fundamental to the success of this. I was extremely happy with my delivery and received some excellent feedback from the delegates at the conference. Most presentation courses you come away thinking “that was great” and then forget it all… this one changes you, for the better, forever.”

Head of Category – FMCG

How can I get more information?

For further information about my Intensive 1:1 Presentation Skills Coaching course, please give me a call on 01202 798128 or email or if you like the details read through the 8-page online brochure below which will tell you everything you need to know.

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